Phillip Minton M.D.

Chocolate, Healthfood of the Gods, a new book by Phillip Minton, M.D.

In cardiovascular, dementia, diabetes, food and sex, low carb diet on May 25, 2011 at 7:00 pm

I’m very excited to announce that my new book Chocolate, Healthfood of the Gods is going to be released early June, 2011. Let me introduce this labor of love.

The title of my book, Chocolate, Health Food of the Gods is taken from the Greek name for chocolate which can roughly be translated as “God’s food”, “the divine food”, “food for the gods”, or “food of the gods”. Any way you translate it, the meaning is clear: this foodstuff chocolate is special. Really special and valuable to our health and our taste buds.

Chocolate has been considered an unusually special food since antiquity. It was valued so much that in some ancient societies of the Americas, cacao was used as currency. In our modern world we know that it is a satisfying source of tasty nourishment. Modern science has found an incredible additional value in chocolate – it offers many powerful health benefits. Chocolate, Healthfood of the Gods reveals the ways chocolate can lower blood pressure, minimize heart disease, lessen our chance of suffering from brain disease, and much more. Incredibly, the book also details how chocolate in its purer forms can help us to burn off excess body fat as part of a low carbohydrate diet. Chocolate, a natural food, is so beneficial to health and well being that if the ancients could rename it today, they might call it “God’s natural pharmacy” instead of “God’s food”.

I hope you will enjoy reading Chocolate, Healthfood of the Gods, the most comprehensive and authoritative book on this popular topic. It is my sincere hope that my book will serve to enlighten people as to how they can live fuller, more enjoyable and productive lives.


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