Phillip Minton M.D.

Resveratrol in Chocolate may hold key to Longevity / Immortality

In chocolate, diabetes, telomerase on June 3, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Resveratrol is a markedly beneficial naturally occurring substance found in certain plant materials (most notably cacao) that sconce tells us has powerful anti-aging properties. Resveratrol is so important that it is mentioned in several chapters of my newest book, Chocolate Healthfood of the Gods. Chocolate is a very rich natural food source of resveratrol. However, augmenting chocolate products with additional resveratrol may yield an even more powerful youth-promoting and invigorating concoction.

What does resveratrol do? Scientific evidence strongly suggests that it offers many health benefits, including cancer reduction, minimizing diabetes, and maximizing lifespan. Perhaps the most exciting thing about resveratrol is that it seems to act on specific genes within our cells that extend lifespan. These “youth genes” may hold the key to why we age, how long we will live, and how healthy we will be during our lifetime. The Sirtuin-1 gene, known to be beneficially influenced by dietary resveratrol, may, along with the telomerase genes, be instrumental in future attempts to make we humans immortal. You can read more about telomerase in my previous book, The Immortality Enzyme.

Some people feel very sceptical about the concept of immortality. However, they are generally ignorant of the fact that there are known plants and animals that do not age and do not die of old age. They may get diseases and die from them, or be killed by external factors, but they do not age as we do. Why not? Science is diligently seeking the answers. For now, all the scientific evidence points that certain phytochemicals in foods, such as resveratrol, may stunt the seemingly inevitable aging process in humans.


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