Phillip Minton M.D.

An Amazing Nutritious/Medicinal Tree

In health food, prevention diet on July 2, 2011 at 8:57 am

Since I write so much about chocolate, you probably think this post concerns the theobroma cacao, but no, it doesn’t. I write instead of the “drumstick tree”, Moringa oleifera. This little tree that could is an amazingly nutritious vegetable tree, wherein nearly all parts are edible. It grows well in poor tropical soils, and feeds unknown throngs in southeast Asia.

Lets start from the bottom. The roots can be eaten as a condiment, evidently similar to horseradish. The stems are nutritious, the flowers are edible and taste somewhat akin to mushroom, the immature pods are eaten like green beans, the mature pods like beans or peas.

Incredibly, the tree also has medicinal qualities. Almost every portion of the tree has uses including as an anti-bacterial agent, and an anti-rheumatic agent. It can even stimulate breast milk production in lactating women. Perhaps the most exciting news is that the plant is known to offer multiple natural chemicals that work to prevent cancer, and are being tested as cancer treatment agents. What a plant! Look for more in the future from this amazing plant!


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