Phillip Minton M.D.

Health Chocolate versus Chocolate Candybars

In anti-aging, cardiovascular, chocolate, diabetes, diet, health food, low carb diet, prevention diet on May 4, 2012 at 4:37 pm

It may be apt to say that for many people, perhaps even most, who do not have a major health problem such as diabetes, chocolate itself is so healthful that even consuming chocolate in the form of candy may be better than eating none at all. The reason is that cocoa solids, the raw material from which all chocolate confections must, at least in part, be made is so very healthful.

Let’s think about it. What are the main differences between the common chocolate candy bar and health chocolate?

Let’s list the obvious ones:

• Health chocolate contains far more of the natural cacao product per unit of weight or volume than do candy bars.

• Candy bars replace the cocoa mass with larger proportions of sugars, other fats and often milk products.

• Health chocolate is far lower in carbohydrates.

• Candy bars contain far fewer antioxidants than does health chocolate.

• Diabetics will need to be far more cautious when thinking of consuming candy bars compared to health chocolate.

It seems that there are major differences between candy bars and health chocolate. That does not mean that everyone must avoid candy bars. We just need to remain aware that not all chocolate products are created equal, at least as far as healthfulness goes.


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