Phillip Minton M.D.

Trying to Improve on Chocolate

In Uncategorized on August 26, 2012 at 11:40 pm

Chocolate is a tremendously popular food. It has been described as one of nature’s most perfect foodstuffs. Can we make it even better?

Perhaps we can, since we surely have discovered ways to make it worse. The addition of copious amounts of sugars and man-made fats are just a couple of the ways in which we can make it worse for our health. If we can make it worse, surely we can also make it better.

One idea is to find a way to retain the silky texture of chocolate (a popular characteristic imparted by the fat content of chocolate) with something, well, less fattening than fat. With this goal in mind, food developers have come up with a way of replacing as much as half the fat found in chocolate confections with tiny emulsified droplets of fruit juice. I am dubious, but time will tell if this will become acceptable to chocolate lovers. If it is, then a significant percentage of the calories in chocolates will be avoided.

Chemists create chocolate with half the fat



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