Phillip Minton M.D.

SALT: Getting the humble miracle mineral right

In cardiovascular, diet, Uncategorized on May 16, 2013 at 11:13 pm

Our common, humble table salt is much more important to our health and well-being than we can imagine. Getting sodium-chloride right can make or break our health, just as it does to the palatability of a great chef’s cuisine.

An overabundance of salt in our diet acts as a poison. It can destroy healthy organ functioning and raise the blood pressure to damaging extremes.

On the other hand, this humble mineral, in the right amounts, is essential to life. A review of all the amazing life processes in which sodium-chloride is involved easily leads us to conclude that, although humble, it is a miracle mineral.

The essential thing is for us to have the right intake amount of salt – not too much or too little. Knowing that number has recently become a little easier. The most recent research suggests it is about one and a half teaspoons a day. Consumption less than this 2300mg per day does not seem to benefit most people, and extended periods of extremely low salt intake can be dangerous. 


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